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 Reg. CF Experiment

I recently interviewed the folks at the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership that are creating a novel funding portal for startups and growth companies in the St. Louis area. They plan to launch their new platform in April. They agreed to share their insights and expericance  with us, we'll share what we learn with you.  


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Funds raised through your generous donations will be used to manage this news site,  pay writers, to cover a wide range of business opportunities and publish small business success stories (from space to agriculture and more), regulatory and tax law changes, best practices as seen by legal experts and other professionals, and more.  

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   Similar to the group in St. Louis we are initially focusing on our backyard first, Central Oregon.


You'll find our demonstration trailers and a donation box at the Hub Motel. Feel free to stop by pickup or progress

reports and other information we'll make available and on Tuesday's and Wednesday's mornings we plan to host a

series coffee klatch (weather permitting) focused on our unique "Digital Broadcasting" strategies and "White Hat"

SEO services along with other innovative marketing and fundraising ideas.  Our digital audience is well over

100,000 strong. We'll show you how we are growing an audience in ways that no other marketing and PR companies

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Our goal is to create a news and education resource for business owners and people of all ages that fills the gaps and omissions on economics, history and small business / free enterprise that the public education system missed.  

We see a new wave of entrepreneurial spirit as a result of the reduced taxes and regulations that the Trump administration has put in place.   Few people realize that America is at it's lowest level in history for small business formation. We want to help change that, your help would be valuable and appreciated.  

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Regulation Crowdfunding 

New laws to help small and medium sized business startup and grow: Reg. CF and Reg. A+  that help businesses raise capital from the Crowd. We will be calling on a wide range of experts to help guide businesses on effective campaigning.