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Game Development News and Resource Guide - It's not just for fun & games. We cover the business side of a competitive and rapidly evolving array of game development opportunities. Our focus is on all types of games with particular interest in; strategic, educational and therapeutic games.  Games are a valuable and under utilized tool in education and training.  Games offer powerful impacts on Socialization and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics.

America: A Critical Crossroad.

Are we Americans going to continue on a path to socialism or are we going to return to free market capitalism? Free market capitalism was historically proven to correlate with liberty by the Nobel Prize (1976) recipient and noted economist, Milton Friedman.

As we see it, you’re supporting socialism by supporting the failing ACA the ObamaCare Health law.

You're supporting an elitist "corporatist" class, an Oligarchy by supporting Dodd-Frank.  

At VideoOnix we support freedom. We support the principles of free markets. We know that socialism always fails.  We know that fixing the public education system is the key to reviving America.

We support the use of vouchers to bring competition into the biased public education system. We support the end of tenure. 

We believe that the economic foundations and principles espoused by Milton Friedman and his wife Rose are irrefutable and need to be returned in detail to our education system. 

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Samsung 360   A primary dev. engine intended to become a space game platform.   

At the root of America’s problems lies the massive ignorance of history, economics and politics that has evolved in America.

In 1976 Milton Friedman received the Nobel Prize in Economics for the stunning work he and his wife Rose did on free market principles and the correlation the free market has historically with liberty.   Since winning the Nobel Prize their teachings have been reduced to a mere mention in public schools at best. Surveys we have done of young people indicate that they may have heard of him but don’t know why. Most of the 40 year olds and younger in the surveys did not recognize his name. Older generations almost all recognize his name though less then half knew why.

For decades the public education system has abandoned the principles of free markets & indoctrinated the students into a socialism perspective where government is best suited to manage markets. That is in fact Fascism. That is what Woody Guthrie fought against – America’s most celebrated folk singer. His mission was to fight fascism in America. Few people know this. It was his key objective during the "Union Tour" of 1941. He wrote it on his guitar to remind the audience who the enemy was. At the time he did not understand the link between the Democrats' and the corporatist fascists. Democrats lied then as they do now. Perhaps that is why it is not taught in the schools. 

2018 election cycle is well under way, conservatives will not let the leftist thugs beat them into submission as the Nazis did.  The abuses by the Obama government made it clear to Americans what is wrong and the 2018 elections will bring a divisive move to correct it. 

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Excellent, though sad, historical analysis on

American Business Development

read here:

American Dynamism in Retreat

Published by: Economic Innovation Group 

Game Developer Map (interactive)  -  World Wide 

Lists of Game Dev. Companies by region throughout the world. An Excellent Resource relies on community support.   

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All of this gear is in the early stages of development, beta in many ways, targeted to professional use and design input at this point.

Currently involved with the Immersion Project   and are  assessing gear. Input welcome.  

All of this gear is in the early stages of development, beta in many ways, targeted to professional use and design input at this point.

Currently involved with the Immersion Project   and are  assessing gear. Input welcome.  



Immersion Video Filming

Tech on the Rocks 

​​​Use of Funds 

We want to hire writers, lots of writers to cover a wide range of business, ideas and opportunity research. From garden art to space travel, 

Business ideas for startups: 

Drones use in Agriculture: UAVs use in agriculture are wide ranging and suite small business teams.  

Controlled Environment Agriculture: Growing specialty crops for flavors and textures in warehouses to  supply decreeing chefs & restaurants.

Digital Media Production: Records and developing talent   

Title II, Title III and Title IV of the JOBS Act of 2012 - Radical new ways to raise investor capital for startups. New opportunities for investors too. Community Economic Development: i.e. the St. Louis Project - a regionally focused crowdfunding portal managed through the Regional Economic Development Partnership.  

Much of our focus is on "small team" startups that out-maneuver larger organizations through applied tactical and strategic agility. 


Somebody's got to produce the stuff… THERE IS A HUGE VACUME OF LIVE Content!!!! We got the production and digital chops, you got the funds?  This is a goldmine waiting to happen.  We're looking for a Partner, an Investor/ Executive Producer. Structure similar to financing movies; we estimate $10,000.00 - $20,000.00  per project 2 -4 hr. All in Camera rentals, data collection and storage, technicians  - payments to artists (contract 1099s) etc. We favor stage events but can handle anything, track races to drone chases. The value rolls out and if the artists are hits, it 'to the moon, Alice, to the moon.' (and everywhere else)

Full Immersion Video Filming 360 degrees, all plains 

Socialism  or Free Enterprise; What will America be?

Excerpt graph from the Dynamism in Retreat report, link above

Space Based (Tech Accurate) Platform for Game creation in Development: 

This Engine is being developed for a new generation of Space Exploration Gaming. 

Virtual Reality - A Comprehensive Series :

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