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Our digital audience is over 110,000 and netting thousands of new members a month. 18 subject based Twitter channels. 

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Our Cornerstone: AgTech - Sustainable Farming / Urban Farming / Vertical Farming  

Sustainable Food / Urban Farming / Vertical Farming  

Update - May 19, 2018

​We'll be morphing - check back

Under Construction 

NOTE: We have a research emphasis on businesses involved with sustainable

food and energy production. 

This country was built on Free Markets & Free Speech

​Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

We showcase sustainable food production technologies. Home Farm to Commercial Restaurant Supply.


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The St. Louis, MO 
Reg. CF " Experiment 2018

An Economic Development Experiment

Community Centric Crowdfunding

St. Louis, The Gateway to the Great Frontier.

 Riding on a long history of regions pioneering spirit,  The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership has embarked on a new idea in the field of Regional Economic Development. Recognizing the significance of new funding

laws this agency took the lead in creating a novel, entirely original, business

funding portal for startups and growth companies in the St. Louis area

This idea 9or versions) could be used to help many communities create more effective

programs to support local business. By creating a very cost effective channel

for business to raise money from customers, neighbors, community and from beyond.

Tactics to use this new business approach are limited only to the dreams and ideas of the businesses looking to grow.



Help Showcase America's Heritage

  Digital Vaudeville  

​Digital Broadcasting : ​​News,  Education  &  Inspiration

In many areas of America today the public education monopoly Ignores the  Principles of Science and the Principles of Free markets. Preaching instead false claims of man made climate change and the virtues of socialism over liberty.

education / inspiration  

We are launching a novel online news, Information and education business with a mobile presence - Tech news with a conservative perspective and a strong emphasis on Milton Friedman's history and economics wisdom. 

Think Outside The Google

Business and Technology News - Education - Inspiration

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A new wave of entrepreneurial spirit is emerging, pioneers rising to embrace the return of small business opportunity.

Title II - Title III and Title IV of the JOBS Act of 2012

Equity Crowdfunding & Regulation A+ 

Effective for businesses in all markets.  

Agriculture - Robotics  -  3D Printing  - Solar Power - Travel - Entertainment - Education

We're creating a "news" and "education resources" for dreamers of all ages. We fill the gaps and omissions from public schools in subjects including economics, history and small business, free enterprise.  For many, the public education system failed.  

News - Education - Inspiration

What they don't teach in public schools

​​Regulation Crowdfunding

Reg CF 

New laws to help small and medium sized

business startup and grow: Reg. CF and Reg. A+  

that help businesses raise capital from the Crowd. We will be calling on a wide range of experts to

help guide businesses on effective campaigning. 

Donation/Reward Based Crowdfunding Campaign